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google pong

December 10, 2010

Although I like the aesthetics and layout of Safari, I may have to look into Google Chrome again if it’s as entertaining as their commercial. It reminds me of the countless hours I spent playing this game as a kid having been deprived of Nintendo.


pubit for the ipad

December 5, 2010

This is why there needs to be more women in key marketing/branding decisions:

ipad maxi coming June 2011. wings optional.

eat. play. zorb.

November 23, 2010

Don’t do this if pregnant, susceptible to seizures, or have vertigo.

(via Adam)

stop shooting polar bears

November 18, 2010

I’ll admit, I never made it all the way through Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Maybe it was because of the tagline “by far the most terrifying film you will ever see” and I hate horror movies. Or because it started with 40 minutes of him giving a lecture in an overlit classroom and this is what I was actually hearing.

I attended a screening this evening called COOL IT, thanks to my friend Michelle, on the same issues: climate change, global warming, and polar bears. Gore began to look more like a convenient lie as Bjorn Lomborg discussed the realities of what our billions of dollars were really accomplishing. I can’t really say what I believe to be true or not or whom I agree with, since I am no scientist, but I will say the ideas are interesting and thought provoking…

Here are a couple things I went away with:

// Our earth is getting warmer. A very long pipe, extending approx. 100 miles, that shoots water into the atmosphere may help in cooling it down.
// Not surprisingly, we should be listening to the Dutch. They have mastered the levee system which has protected their undersea level cities for hundreds of years. We could have saved thousands in New Orleans.
// Stop shooting the polar bears! I don’t think polar bears will go extinct anytime soon since by reducing greenhouse gases we may save 1 bear every 100 years. If we keep up the 49 being shot every year though, they could have a chance. However, they are more than doubling in population.
// Paint the town white. By painting the roofs, streets, and tops of builings in LA a lighter more reflective color it would reduce the overall temperature by 5 degrees.

If we aren’t willing to get rid of the feel good are we at least willing to do good?

what are we really protecting?

November 16, 2010

i found a quite shocking article/art installation on the statistics of our soldiers in war.

a heartbreaking look at the discrepancies between the resources and energies destined to fight
the war versus the energies invested in protecting their mental health
and stability.


November 9, 2010

Where DIY meets WTF.
I think April Winchell and I could be friends. Yesterday I was on etsy looking up a classmates earring collection and thought to myself “who in their right mind would wear these upcycled pieces of shard!?” No offense nameless friend. This unfortunate stumble upon reminded me of Winchell’s hilarious commentary of handcrafts gone wrong.

Her blog (now book) Regretsy features many of these bizarre, misguided, and unintentionally hysterical art pieces. Most of which include a labored exposition, long diatribes about inspiration, allusions to classical works, and detailed accounts of the emotional journey that lead them to create the object, which moreso than not are uglier than your grandmas sweatpant doily. I mean “Fish in a Squirrel Suit Taxidermy” and “Baby Rat in Altoid Tin – Original Mixed Media Sculpture”, really? How can that even be close to a good idea. “Doll heads in a bowl of Brussels sprouts”? “Miniature Fairy Toilet with Frog”? No wonder kids have nightmares.

If you’d like to help out the socially awkward and creatively challenged this Christmas, shop here.

A Night (or 30) At The Museum

November 7, 2010

My co-leaders and I stopped for lunch in Torrey, Utah during our trip this summer in the hopes of catching up on some current events. We found a local newspaper and while skimming through it I came across an interesting job posting. The posting was looking for someone to live in the Museum of Science and Industry for an entire month and blog about it. Instead of having to pay rent to stay in the museum, they were offering this lucky resident $10,000 to roam around the museum at night in their pajamas. Yes please! During the day you would hang with visitors, perform science tricks, give interviews to the media, shoot missiles out of submarines, and reenact Jim Hensons the Muppets in outerspace. Then you would write, tweet, and blog about it so that everyone in the world who cares can keep tabs on you. Residing close to Chicago and not having clear plans for the fall I decided to rip this out in hopes of applying when I returned home.

Unfortunately, I just found that clipping in one of my journals this week and now the MSI residency is under full swing. I probably would have gotten creeped out by the animal skeletons anyway.

Ben Stiller’s replacement can be found here.